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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Every day we strive to be in full control of our lives.

Most of us like to believe we are doing precisely what we want to do and that we have an accurate view of the world.

You may even think that the influences of the environment and the people around you are also pretty much under your control. 

But is there more to being in charge of our lives than just what we see and how we deal with our external world? 

Beware: YOU can be your own worst challenge. 

Your emotions are powerful and they can cause you to react without thinking.

When emotions override your decisions, you become chaotic, and the chaos can creep in without your awareness.

When your emotions decide for you, you are not in control.

Unfortunately, this is really how most people live their life.

😡 We mutter at the traffic lights and the other drivers.

🤢 We stuff ourselves with comfort food.

😷 We use substances even when fully aware of the danger.

To become more enlightened and balanced, first, become aware of your emotional self.

Examine your emotions to their roots.

Can a few seconds behind a red traffic light be so bad?

Do you really need that second helping of ice cream?

Are a few seconds of nicotine really worth getting cancer?

That little pause-and-think can stop your emotional self from deciding for you.

Using Mind-Focused Coaching, you can nurture a conscious attitude toward living.

We will teach you to think instead of react. 

Maybe then you can grab control and kick those bad habits.

If you found this topic interesting, please join us at The Mental Wellness Society Group where we can discuss these mental tools in more detail.



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