Perseverance Day by Day

Born in 1982 in Brisbane Australia, Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs.

Without limbs, it would be so easy to give up on life.

But Nick Vujicic is a profound symbol of perseverance.

He is a living testament to the principle, “Never give up!”, even when life deals you a bad hand.

Everyday things that we do effortlessly like getting out of bed or opening the door Nick had to practice thousands of times to learn how he could do it.

He learned how to get around, swim, and even ride a skateboard by persevering.

And he defied all the odds to become a successful motivational speaker.

That is the power of perseverance.

With MFC we teach Mindful Thinking to tap into and amplify one’s perseverance to overcome obstacles and reach your life Destination. 

Like any new skill, it takes practice to make it an “automatic” part of your thinking and decision-making.

Pursuing long-term goals and choosing a future, greater reward takes effort. Choosing immediate gratification or letting your impulses decide for you is so much easier to do.

With practice and a generous helping of perseverance, our students can use the teachings and mental tools we place at their disposal to manage their impulses and emotions, and follow the best course for their lives, instead of the easiest.

 If you found this topic interesting, please join us at The Mental Wellness Society Group where we can discuss these mental tools in more detail.


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