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Eliminating Self-doubts

Never Let Self-Doubt Hold You Captive

In my previous post, I talked about constructive self-talk.

Constructive self-talk is one of the most effective mental tools for eliminating self-doubt.

One of the best and clearest examples of this is in sports.

Elite athletes will tell you, at the very peak of any sport most every player is in the same superb physical condition.

It is the mental edge that pushes champions to the top.

The tiniest seed of self-doubt can ruin an athlete’s concentration and erode his confidence.

When a basketball player shoots a crucial free throw, he stands in front of the basket with the ball in hand, facing thousands of screaming fans.  A wave of emotions and inner voices will go through him.

“What if I miss this and we lose the game?”

“I’ll be torn apart in tomorrow’s news.”

A lesser player might succumb to the pressure that he put upon himself by engaging in such negative self-talk, but not a champion. His self-talk will be constructive and full of confidence.

“Now is my chance to win the game!”

Over time, with practice and repetition, any athlete – or someone like you or me – can develop the habit of constructive self-talk and thereby eliminate self-doubt.

If you found this topic interesting, please join us at The Mental Wellness Society Group where we can discuss these mental tools in more detail.



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