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Career Planning

Risk Something or Forever Sit with Your dreams

Without you knowing it, cognitive biases are playing a large role in your choice of careers. 

If some of your close friends decide to pursue a career in sales, you might very well consider giving it a try even if selling is not your forte. Bandwagon effect bias.

If your career choice is based on “Shoulds” – “I should be in Wallstreet to impress my relatives”; “I should become a sales manager to please my parents”.  Here we have Spotlight Bias.

If you choose to be a lawyer because your father and grandfather are both lawyers and if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for you, this is a classic case of Authority bias.

Making career decisions and learning to navigate the economy and job market have become harder, especially when worries and negative thoughts due to the current pandemic combine with biases that distort one’s thinking and sway career decisions.

Anytime you make choices based on negativity and biases, they are the ones you most likely will regret.

We can show you how to see biases and go around them.

How to be mindful and make optimal decisions.

Identify your core values, strengths, and the environment suited for you. 

Think clearly and imagine your best self, twenty years from now. That is your life destination; let it be your guide.

 Now, which career will get you there? 

This topic is discussed in detail at the Metal Wellness Society. If you want to be part of the discussion, comment below or send a PM and we will be in touch.



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