Post-COVID Recovery Challenges: Returning to the Office

With life slowly resuming to pre-pandemic routines, some things aren’t so easy. While returning to offices is a relief for corporate leadership, it’s quite different for other business leaders. Managing emotional recovery and regaining the pre-pandemic momentum of business is a juggling act. Mental health decline, homesickness, old workplace stresses, etc., are issues that are surfacing everywhere and need to be addressed efficiently by managers. Focusing on effective communication, job security reaffirmation increased attention to staff pressures, and rewiring roles will definitely ease the transition. The informal networks that took shape during WFH can also be an asset.

 Join us at the Mental Wellness Society where people from all walks of life have come together to talk about mental challenges and propose solutions for the workplace and the learning environment.

Thanks to Sree Kumar, Co-founder and Partner Equinox Consultants (also a member of Mental Wellness Society) for a detailed article on Post-COVID Recovery Challenges upon Returning to Offices.


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