Binary Choice

One aspect of MindfulChoice is the Binary Choice. In any situation you have exactly two choices.

Always two.

This simple truth is a reflection of how the human mind works.

Our minds cannot be attentive to more than one task at any moment in time. That means you can only choose or focus on just one thing at a time.

Do or Do Not. Halt or Continue. Yes or No. Stop or Go.

“But, what about multi-tasking?”, you might ask.

What a person refers to as multi-tasking, is actually just jumping from one task to the next.

Look closely and you are still just doing one thing at a time, leaving one task to do another.

Computer processing is based on Binary Choices. At the core, every computer can only recognize two variables – ONE or ZERO. The binary language – or the machine language – is the fundamental level of analysis in a computer’s operating system and is the backbone of computing.

Again: Exactly two choices. There are always TWO.

Never think you only have ONE choice. There is always another choice. It’s a universal truth.

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