Taking action by making small, consistent steps

Before crafting a sculpture, the craftsman must first see the goal.

He must visualize the masterpiece hiding inside the solid rock.

Setting the goal, he then chips away one small fragment at a time, always seeing his goal with every hammer swing.

The progress will be slow and maybe even invisible for the first few weeks…but it is there.

The craftsman never loses faith in his work because he knows — he sees the goal. This keeps his efforts focused and consistent.

You may hold the same belief for losing weight, writing a book, building a business, learning a new language or achieving any other goal.

This is also one of the foundations of building a habit: Small but consistent steps practiced over time.

When getting fit, it does not matter if you lose just a few ounces a week, and some weeks none at all, as long as you are consistently losing weight over time.

When learning a new language, it’s ok if you just learn a handful of words a day, as long as you learn and remember a few different words each day.

Success is the sum of all small steps repeated day in and day out. If you want a deeper discussion about habit and consistency, kindly comment below or join us at The Mental Wellness Society Group.


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