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Every day we try to improve ourselves by learning. We spend a lifetime gathering knowledge in classrooms, through books, from teachings and experiences.

If knowledge is power, then knowledge alone ought to be enough to succeed.

Yet even the learned people fall short of their goals. How can that be?

In spite of all their collective knowledge and experiences, some people still find themselves lost, settling for a life of existence rather than a life of substance.

While there are many factors contributing to this reality, the fundamental cause is the absence of self-discipline. 

Self-discipline is the ability to apply your knowledge consistently and with an unwavering focus on the objective, no matter what temptations or distractions try to led you astray.

Self-discipline distinguishes the good from the great. 

Take for instance, NBA basketball star Stephen Curry.

Every day of the season, he consistently takes over 300 shots AFTER each practice. During the offseason he increases his shooting to over 500 shots a day. 

Stephen Curry will usually shoot from the same spot over and over again, building consistency and muscle memory.

The typical basketball player will be content knowing the shooting form and the basic action of shooting a basketball. But applying this knowledge over and over again, using self-discipline to achieve one’s goal, is the best practice for success.

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