Improving Decision-Making

One sure way to derail your decision-making is by holding on to your failures.

The shadow of failure can cast a cloud of doubt, causing you to struggle with any future decisions.

“Can I really do this?” can quickly become, “I don’t know if I can do this.”  

And that will lead to, “$#^% !! I knew I couldn’t do this!”

Holding on to past failure is also a growth-killer.

Holding on to the pain, suffering, and mental torture created by past events requires energy,

vastly more energy than finding new pathways to success.

Keeping tabs on grudges, losses, and perceived injustices – such as your high school crush shooting down your date invite – takes up more energy than you can imagine.

It is also one type of multi-tasking, when you are trying to make it in the present but you are distracted by feelings from the past.

There is a reason why compulsive gamblers always lose: They live with regret for past mistakes and keep chasing their previous losses to make up for them.

Instead of leaving the game when they’re winners, they try to win it all back and end up as losers.

Focus on the end goal NOW. Focus on the success you can have HERE and NOW. Let the past go. That’s your best bet. 

If you need further help with this subject or any topic related to positivity and mindset, please join us at The Mental Wellness Society Group or send us a direct message.


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