The MWS As Tool For Your Total Well-being

So many types of tools with ones for each trade; similarly there are many different approaches to Wellness…

At MWS we are the Mental Wellness Professionals, to enhance your mental wellness for total well-being.

We bring expertise from a wide array of fields to help you achieve and sustain your best life.


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Every day we try to improve ourselves by learning. We spend a lifetime gathering knowledge in classrooms, through books, from teachings and experiences.

Taking action by making small, consistent steps

Before crafting a sculpture, the craftsman must first see the goal. He must visualize the masterpiece hiding inside the solid rock. Setting the goal, he then chips away one small fragment at a time, always seeing his goal with every hammer swing.

Binary Choice

One aspect of MindfulChoice is the Binary Choice. In any situation you have exactly two choices. Always two. This simple truth is a reflection of how the human mind works.

There is no health without wellness.


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