Importance of Having a Mentor

The US Congressional Budget Office released a report in May 2020. It highlighted the pandemic’s economic impact which resulted in an increase in the unemployment rate from 3.5% in February 2020 to 14.7% in April 2020.

A gloomy 2020 indeed.

The unemployment or the threat of unemployment is just one of the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Lack of physical interaction, the possibility of infection, loss of life…

It’s easy for negative self-perception to grow.

Just looking at the gloomy present, people will find the challenges overbearing.

When #$%^ hits the fan, it’s the time to be strong.

Find strength in your past accomplishments. See your strengths. Re-discover the abilities and confidence that you already have and used before.

This process of realization is part of our mentoring program at MindfulChoice.

People accomplish many things in their lives. But years later when they get into a depression or a rut, they forget their past successes. They forget their capacity to succeed.

Having a mentor to guide them through the process of re-discovery has great therapeutic value.

It helps them change their self-perception, to balance the negative self-perception with their positive achievements, and alter the way they see themselves.


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