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Preparing for Success

The life path we travel is different for every person, but for simplicity let’s look at two general kinds of paths.

The first path is a smooth highway where you can cruise along, encountering little speed bumps along the way, but generally having a pleasant journey to success.

The second path is off-road, where you have to navigate slowly and carefully due to the unforgiving terrain. It may also lead to success but there’s a good chance you’ll break down and never get there.

Even if both paths lead to success, why in the world would you choose to drive on the second path?

Sadly, this is a decision made by many every day.

Each day, we are given a choice.

On your way to work, if someone cuts you off – you might react by getting angry and rant. Or worse, you might speed up to get “even” with the offending driver.

But what if you can CHOOSE and not just react? What if instead of getting angry, you choose to analyze the situation thoughtfully: “After all, nobody got hurt and even if I shout at the top of my voice, the other driver can’t hear me. Who knows, maybe that driver cut me off by mistake and is actually feeling awful about it.”

You CHOOSE to control how you live your life and not let events control you.

This may sound easy but it takes a real shift in your mindset and lots of practice.



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