Practicing Positive Change for Success

How do you stay positive in an ever-challenging world?

Start by living with a positive mindset.

Think of your mind as having two operating systems.

One system is being run by your positive thoughts.

One system is being run by your negative thoughts.

When you drag yourself up in the morning, ranting non-stop about “being tired” and “feeling
down about work”- that’s negative thinking.

Your negative operating system is switched on and will pick up your mental state and interpret it
as a “command” to think, feel, and act negatively.

However, when you wake up in a positive state, appreciative of all that you available to you –
that’s positive thinking.

Your positive operating system will jump in to action, giving you a happier and clearer state of

Don’t give your negative operating system a reason to take over.

Learning and embracing this positive change is crucial for succeeding in all aspects of life.


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