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Growth and Success?

Lobsters are interesting creatures. They chew with their stomachs and taste with their feet.

They have hard outer shells that protect their soft bodies. However, this shell is very rigid and does not grow with the lobster.

For lobsters, getting bigger is crucial for their survival because smaller lobsters are easy pickings for predators. In fact, when food is scarce, bigger lobsters will feast on smaller ones to survive.

The first step to a lobster’s growth is discomfort. When a lobster becomes bigger, the shell becomes very confining and uncomfortable. This discomfort signals the need for a new shell.

However, this requires the lobster to “move” out of their old shell. This exposes their soft bodies, making them vulnerable.

When it is time to shed their old shell, the lobster first finds a safe place to hide until the new shell grows. This growth cycle is repeated many times in their lifetime and each time it is triggered by discomfort.

It is said that lobsters have unlimited growth potential as long they continue to shed their old shell.

Imagine if there are lobsters who fear discomfort; who chooses inaction instead of willingly stepping out of their comfort zones. These lobsters will never grow, never realize their full
potential and will be stuck at the bottom of the food chain.

It’s funny to think there are lobsters whose bodies are outgrowing their shells to the point of bursting but still refusing to take the necessary steps for growth.

But when it happens to people, it’s no laughing matter.

Mindful Choice is a set of principles and strategies that helps people who struggle at growth decision points in their life. Our innovative and transformative methods are designed to help individuals manage their personal challenges, helping them achieve a lasting and positive change in their life.



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