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By attending this informational course, I agree and acknowledge that the informative program that I am attending is a philanthropic noncommercial effort offered by the Mental Wellness Society, and I will not engage in any activities to monetize or portray myself as a mental health professional or crisis counselor, unless otherwise certified to do so. This program is designed to provide maximum information in a short time, consisting of non-certifying sessions and access to an online multimedia open-source library to equip me with knowledge on how to be helpfully caring and attentive to others in crisis. I understand that The Mental Wellness Society cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from my voluntary choice to help others.

I recognize that the training I receive is not equivalent to a trauma or psychological certification. In the event of discomfort within myself or discomfort from others dealing with me, I commit to recommending consultation with professional healthcare providers without hesitation.

This humanitarian, non-political safe space is open to all! Let’s keep it respectful, peaceful, positive, and non-confrontational.

Crisis Intervention

Training and Assistance

Biofeedback and Resonance Therapeutics

Reducing Anxiety, Stress and Trauma

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Body and Mind

Optimal Functioning in Adverse Circumstances

Zoom Webinars

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Apoya Israel

Education and Parenting

Positive Communication to Help Children

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Arabic Channel

توفر هذه القناة العربية مساحة مجانية وآمنة للتبادل والتعلم من بعضها البعض في وقت الأزمات.

This Arabic channel provides free and safe space to exchange and learn from each other in time of crisis.


Therapeutic Counseling Combined with Spiritual or Religious Guidance.

Healing Music

Free for MWS
Help Israel Audio Tracks for Your Resilience and Well-being

• Reducing Anxiety
• Letting go of stress
• Rejuvenating Sleep
• Positive Alertness
• Clarity and Focus

ResWell for VUCAH

The hub of synergetic knowledge acquisition from the scientific arena and practical field

The Global Institute for Resilience Advancement

The GiRA is a beacon of collaboration uniting experts from psychology, biology, sociology, education, science, and technology. Together, they wield a multidisciplinary global toolbox, working synergistically under the motto “Together We Adapt Faster!”

RWF - The Resilience & Well-being Foundation

Through the fusion of knowledge, compassion, and forward-thinking approaches, RWF envisions a world where resilience and well-being flourish, lighting the path toward a brighter, more resilient tomorrow.

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